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E-ticketing (Click to Ride)

E-ticketing (Click to Ride)

Click-To-Ride, is a comprehensive online bus ticket booking platform.

It enables passengers to book bus ticket instantly with the utmost convenience,  along with the exclusive features of mobile app, which include:

-Scheduling a trip for future

-Tracking status to know the arrival time at the boarding point

-Choosing the desired bus terminal location

-Pre-scheduling a ride for later

-Choosing your desired pickup location

-Flexible payment methods (online payments and cash)

-Freedom to choose the desired seat

Click to ride can work with the following options.

1.Online through the web portal

2.Through agents using the web portal

3.On the spot by conductor using the POS terminal.



Click-To-Ride is designed specifically for long-route journeys via bus. The automated management system includes:

-A complete Fleet management: number of buses, type (a/c or non-a/c), seating  capacity (2 by 2, 2 by 3, 3 by 3, 1 by 2) with workshop management system.

-Ticketing: pick the seat you want (seat selection) while booking a ticket.  Ticketing can be done through 3 methods:

1. Online directly through the web-portal.

2. Through agents using the agent web-portal

3. On-the-spot though conductor using POS terminals.

-Departure Control System to Mange passengers and baggage of the passengers.

-Employees: registration of driver (driving license) and registration of vehicle

-Route Management: the route (source and destination, the stoppage points) and duration (time of arrival and scheduled departure, daily/ alternate days / once in  a week) is pre-fixed.

-Real-time information about the boarding/de-boarding of passengers, over-booking  and current status of bus seating is available.

-The POS terminals broadcast the location of the bus every five minutes.

-SMS alerts to the passengers about confirmation and waiting or cancellation of the  booking are sent real time.

-The data collected through ClickToRide can be used to analyze the profitability of a  certain route, such as to determine whether to reduce/increase buses on a specific  route.

- Online information to Bus Driver/conductor of illegal occupancy of a seat.




-No long waiting queues

-Avoidance of seasonal rush

-Purchase of tickets at the comfort of your home

-Minimization transportation cost

-Elimination of middle man

-Convenient journey

-Ability to buy a ticket for someone else

-Book tickets from anywhere to any place. And also book in advance.


-A complete Fleet Management System

-Gaining new customer with modern approach

-Improved safety and security of your passengers

-Increased medium term operating profit & reduced fraud

-Reduction in the printing costs and selling costs of tickets

-Keeping a record of verified customers in a database.

-Access to statistical and operational reports.

-Modern Departure Control System

-Automatic detection of seats illegally occupied.

-Real time information about number of passengers riding a bus.


-Unification of ticketing

-Increasing the number of citizens using public transport

-Setting low prices and simple tariffs